Distinctions all around - When taking a risk pays off!

As the results are in for our Leadership and Management Apprentices we review the importance of taking risk and the rewards that can come from it.

All too many times in business, risk is seen as a threat rather than a challenge with an uncertain outcome. Together with risk comes reward… and with success comes joy and relief!

When was the last time you did something for the first time? How did you manage the associated risk? ...then make the step.

Learning on the job and responding to challenges is what we asked PPG Apprentices to do. Enter into business projects, theoretical and practical. Experience what it’s like to succeed and fail.

As a new Training Provider delivering a successful Apprenticeship in Leadership and Management programme presented the same challenges in parallel. PPG and Brathay took a risk and it paid off. Passes with Distinction all around!

We are looking forward to the Celebration and Forward Planning event in March, and then to our future alumni relationship with all the Apprentices.

And of course to our next cohort……

6 top tips for Training Providers

Level 3 Leadership Apprenticeship – a high level of challenge but overall a great experience!

  • Create inspiring experiences. The Standards allow for flexibility in the delivery of the programme...make the most of it.
  • Be courageous and look to provide exciting and challenging ways for Apprentices to explore all aspects of the Standard and the experience.
  • Align fully with the needs and values of the business. Work closely with stakeholders to develop learning opportunities – such as workplace projects and 360 feedback exercises – that not only meaningful, but integrated the learning.
  • Engage line managers and other stakeholders to provide as much support as possible for the Apprentices. This is an essential element for success as 20% off the job time is a big challenge for businesses and for Apprentices.
  • Assume effort and commitment will be present. The Apprentices themselves worked really hard...and they needed to. There is a lot of content and different types of work with which to engage. Ultimately, they fully involved themselves in all aspects of the learning journey and thoroughly deserve their excellent results.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate success. Gateway interviews were truly moving as each line-manager charted the development their Apprentice had made through the course of the programme.

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