Adapt and survive – how we’re helping businesses thrive during the Covid-19 crisis

The coronavirus crisis has accentuated the need for leaders and teams be resourceful and resilient to keep going. Easy to say – not always easy to do without help.

Right now, many businesses are trying to work out how they move from shutdown and furloughed staff to something resembling normal.

Those starting to get going again (or were able to keep operating) now need to navigate the complex world of functioning during deeply uncertain times.

With staff working remotely and everyone wondering how they’ll cope with getting back to the physical workplace, exiting the often-unfamiliar digital space will be tough. Apart from the logistical and technical issues, a loss of team coherence right now could be devastating, just when it’s needed most.

The coronavirus crisis has accentuated the need for leaders and teams be resourceful and resilient to keep going. Easy to say – not always easy to do without help.

New virtual interactive workshops for organisations

Retaining our uniqueness, keeping our strengths of experiential learning and powerful conversations, we’re making sure not to blunder into a market crammed with webinar warehouses.

We have identified four topics immediately relevant to the present situation, and have designed live interactive workshops to address them:

  • Adaptive leadership – skills for innovating in the face of multiple challenges
  • Sustaining energy and wellbeing – in ourselves and in others
  • Team performance in a virtual world – helping leaders access the insights of all and improve collaboration across teams
  • Key skills of leadership in a virtual world – 4 key skills of empowerment to combine clarity, freedom, support and accountability

The workshops run with up 20 participants from the same organisation, and have a balance of new and thought-provoking ideas, reflection, and application to real-life circumstances.

We can deliver a workshop in under two weeks from the first conversation, and participants will leave with immediate practical value.

Find out more about how we can help your organisation, plus details of the workshops, here

Brathay Interactive Workshops

Learning Lab events for individual leaders

To support individual leaders, in association with our partners Management Futures, we are offering a programme of open Learning Lab events.

Engaging and thought-provoking, the next of these, on the theme of “Crucial Conversations in Complex Times” will take place on 3 June 2020; with an event themed on “Inclusive Leadership in the New Normal” following on 17 June. Find out more out our Learning Lab events here

These are participative learning events in line with our approach, and not recorded webinars or e-learning lectures.

Support for employers and new talent

Whilst continuing to consult with clients to understand and clarify their specific needs and design a bespoke solution, we’re very aware that many apprentice and graduate schemes will be delayed, leaving young people in limbo.

Using an engaging blend of digital and workplace-based learning, we will be supporting employers and their new talent population through these uncertain times, and our Levy-based Leadership and Management programmes are still being delivered.

Zoom Colleagues

Our work with children, young people and families continues

Two months ago, we made the very difficult decision to temporarily close our residential sites and community centres but continue our support remotely to young people and their families where we could.

Whilst our doors are still closed for now, and we’re socially distanced from the young people and families who need us, they’re not alone. We’re still here for them, ready to help with their wellbeing, and very much open-hearted, not shut-down.

There might currently be a screen between our dedicated team of community workers and those we work with, but we’re committed to continue to support their wellbeing and mental health. The same care, kindness and help is still available for young people and their families. Read more about how we’re doing this here

We're planning now for the day we can start welcoming young people back to our centres in the Lake District, too. Our residential experience will play a significant role in supporting children after an extended period of social isolation at home. We’re working hard to plan for the time when we can welcome them back to our centres in Cumbria. Read more about how residential will help here


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