Celebrating the 100th F4H programme for Ex-Service Personnel

In July Brathay delivered F4H100, the 100th programme with the F4H Charity (previously named Remount), which works to provide help and support for Service leavers and veterans who find the transition to civilian life a challenge.

F4 H Staff At 100Th Cse Celebration
F4H staff at the 100th programme celebration.

Brathay have had the privilege to partner with F4H since the first course in April 2008 and in the last 10 years we have worked with over 800 veterans helping them to meet the challenges of transitioning to civilian life.

The course provides a vibrant range of indoor and outdoor challenges bringing to life a variety of key development theories and insights based on the 3 core principles of the programme:

‘Learn from the Past’ - ‘Live in the Present’ - ‘Plan for the Future’

The stated aims of the programme include enhancing self-awareness, understanding the importance of disclosure and feedback, recognising and controlling emotions, understanding and embracing the process of change, harnessing the power of positive reframing and employing effective listening skills. The participants are encouraged to recognise the value of having a balanced lifestyle and setting and achieving personal goals, and the importance of a mentor is stressed to further support them in adjusting to their new life.

In addition to the formal programme aims, participants tell us they value the opportunities the programme has given them to smile and laugh, to help and respect others, to appreciate what they have, to spend time in nature and to have stimulating experiences. They report they have learnt to better accept their emotions, to listen and communicate respectfully and to focus and be mindful.

Photo credit: Gary Pettit

If you would like to learn more, please visit Brathay's F4H Youtube page featuring interviews with participants.

If you are a Service leaver and would like to undertake a F4H programme, please go to the F4H Website

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