Collaborating to improve well-being – Herowellbeing and Brathay Trust

Research shows that well-being at work is critical for business success. Herowellbeing and Brathay are collaborating to address this important challenge.

Well-being at work is good for business. Research shows that those who put effort into engaging and supporting their employees to be healthy in mind, body and spirit are rewarded by staff with productive work habits.

A whole range of factors influence wellness levels from confidence and “happiness” to diet, exercise, financial stability, a sense of belonging and feeling valued.

So we are very excited to be joining up with a new company, Herowellbeing, to offer a full package of support to businesses who want to be creative and impactful with wellness intervention schemes.

We are known for our professional development, challenge events and corporate social responsibility offer. Herowellbeing uses a technology platform to support people’s mental and physical health. Together, what we can cover is wide ranging.

Over the coming months we will be developing our joint offer, running events and sharing insights into how organisations can re-think and be sure that their efforts to promote wellbeing are paying off. We will also be promoting innovative ways to ensure CSR activities improve community wellness.

Commenting on the partnership, Joe Gaunt, CEO Herowellbeing said:

“We work with businesses to support employee wellness strategies using our innovative technology platform. We are impressed with Brathay’s long heritage of personal, team, and leadership development, as well as how they use their income to support improved well-being in the community. Their skills and experience will complement our plans perfectly.”

Our Head of Business Development, Gary Tully added:

“This is an obvious collaboration as we both share the same passion and commitment to support people and communities. Hero’s technology platform and services offers many ways to support people be healthier and happier. For instance in tracking fitness, sleep, nutrition, health, education and challenges and bringing in expert intervention. We are delighted to be seen as a strategic partner and look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

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