Exciting new safety training partnership between Brathay and Beehive

A new partnership between two experts in organisational development positions them to create a greater impact on culture in safety critical organisations.

Brathay, with over 70 years’ expertise in people and cultural development and Conwy based Beehive, a North Wales firm at the forefront of safety education are collaborating to increase capacity and capability in safety education and culture. Together, they will work with highly regulated organisations such as energy providers and nuclear construction to transform culture.

As Mark Sykes, Beehive Director explained:

“There are several factors driving the partnership. There’s a clear message from the nuclear sector, for example, towards using the local supply chain where possible. To ensure both sufficient capability and capacity, the supply chain needs to develop alliances and partnerships – this is an example of that.”

“We also know that many organisations have gone as far as traditional safety training can take them and a new approach is needed” added fellow Beehive Director Sara Lodge. “One that focuses on people development and the creation of safe working cultures.”

She added: “There's an external driver in the shape of the new ISO 45001 standard. This will replace the existing OHSAS 18001 and will focus more on leadership, worker engagement, continuous improvement and the idea of safety being built into organisational systems rather than bolted on.”

The new partnership will build on the experiential approach that both Brathay and Beehive use to develop organisations and people. It also makes the most of their respective links to Cumbria’s West Coast and new developments in North Wales and Deeside.

“This is the first such partnership that we have entered into in the 71 years of Brathay’s existence” said Andy Gill, Head of Consulting.

“We’re excited at the prospect of partnership with Beehive, who we’ve known and worked with for many years. It combines Brathay’s strengths in people and culture development with Beehive’s depth and specialism in changing safety culture”.