Herowellbeing Collaboration – an update

Earlier in the summer we announced a collaboration with Herowellbeing. We have been developing our market proposition.

Earlier in the summer we announced a collaboration with Herowellbeing. We have a joint focus on wellbeing in the community, and Hero’s focus on a technology platform and healthy lifestyle is complementary to our personal, team, and leadership development work.

Since the announcement we have continued to work together to develop our proposition.

  • The Herowellbeing technology platform provides an opportunity to collate key data. Brathay have a well-respected research team that aims to understand our impact and inform our practice. We are in discussion with Hero as to how we can combine these activities to enhance our joint impact. We would be delighted to discuss this with any clients who wanted to support pilot projects.
  • Brathay delivers a number of large scale challenge events. There may be opportunities to leverage the Herowellbeing technology platform to support and enhance these events. Again we are exploring how the collaboration could enable this.
  • End/Start of year team meeting are often a great opportunity for teams to reflect and re-energise their plans for the future. Brathay provides an inspiring and memorable team meeting experience, and we were delighted to extend our winter offer to Herowellbeing clients.
  • As part of their organisational development, Herowellbeing recently undertook the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge. This provided an opportunity for the Hero team to work together and raise money for the Brathay Charitable work. Brathay therefore provided support for the day. There is an excellent video of the day on the Hero website.

We are delighted to see the developments at Herowellbeing and look forward to further collaboration.