Working in a digital world

The world is a progressively more digital place and at Brathay we are embracing technology in our operations and were delighted to have a team from SAP run a dynamic session with us to help develop our digital strategy.

The team from SAP spent a few days with us and helped us to understand how our operation could be transformed via the use of appropriate digital solutions. Their use of the design thinking approach ensured we focused on what was needed rather than technical functions and features. This allowed us to focus on the needs of our clients, participants and internal team to identify specific areas that could be enhanced by digital technologies. Core to our approach was to bring individuals together from across our organisation to provide an expert insight to our operations, encourage collaborative working and inspire creative thought.

Brathay’s digital working group has used the work we did during the workshop as a starting block to start to dig deeper into the world of tech solutions and inspire some exciting projects.

Many thanks to SAP for running a design thinking session with us to help develop our digital strategy.

Check out the quick video they made of their time at Brathay with our cross-departmental team:

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