4 Leadership strategies used by high performing organisations

How do market leading organisations deliver sustained growth?

My work with many organisations confirms that consistent leadership is critical to sustained growth. I regularly work with businesses that are achieving success and want to continue to grow their business, often in a complex, changing and competitive market.

I have observed there are four strategies that set the high performing businesses apart from other businesses in their sector. They often look easy to achieve on paper, however in my experience they take time, persistence, challenge and an external perspective and support to achieve.

The four critical Leadership strategies that set high performing organisations apart are:

  1. Clarity and focus on the direction they want their business to take with clear alignment throughout the leadership group
  2. Consistent leadership messaging and behaviour, with a commitment from all leaders to demonstrate the agreed behaviours
  3. Maintaining leaders ability to lead, capacity for decision making and the freedom to work innovatively
  4. Taking the time out of the business to create the Space to Think and constantly align with market needs

    Many organisations would claim to do these well but often,

  • The direction is clear but cross organisational alignment is not
  • Leaders pay lip service to the direction but prioritise their own agendas
  • Everyone is running 24X7 to stand still and innovation is therefore impeded
  • Employees have grown sceptical of business plans and initiatives

Market leading organisations focus on the 4 leadership strategies to enable excellence in all they do.