Don't write a pantomine script this Christmas

How could you write an inspiring Christmas message for your team

Talking to one of our local colleagues – Chris Ward at PDCA Consulting – he raised the topic of the leader’s Christmas message to the troops, and how useful they really are? He suggested that, as we are at the end of 2017, then why not project forward and consider writing a message as if you were reviewing 2018?

We liked the idea, and wanted to share with you; you might use the opportunity to inspire your organisation and identify what things would be like when the next 12 months go well. You could,

  • Talk about the targets you and your team set and met
  • Describe what you achieved and where and how you exceeded expectations
  • Discuss the obstacles that arose and how you overcame them
  • Identify areas where you could have done better, and what needs to be done to change that
  • Identify any things you would have done differently

You can use it as an opportunity to emphasise that success is based upon a team pulling together, people understanding and supporting a vision, being empowered to enable that vision, and wanting to stretch themselves to achieve great things. You can identify behaviours that need to improve and encourage all to buy-in to a way of working.

Chris also suggested that you could invite your team to do a similar exercise throughout the organisation and feedback on results. You can use the opportunity to spread the word throughout your organisation that the right focus and behaviours lead to great results for all.

We would love to see your ideas, and how you would like the year to have gone; and of course, if Brathay can be part of your achieving those plans, all the better!

Here’s to a cracking 2018!