Enabling Your New Talent - How we're taking Our Millennial Medicine

Let’s face it, some parts of a job’s induction programme can be mind-numbingly dull & leave new starters itching to get stuck in to the real stuff. Based on her induction, a new team member comments on how to engage your new millennial talent.

In November, there was an article published about how Brathay is Taking Our Own Medicine. As the new addition to the department, their Commercial Apprentice, one of the things that attracted me to the role is that they are practising what they preach.

This has continued to be apparent during my induction to the organisation, which has been anything but dull, and a few months into my role I already feel like an established member of the team. From day one I have been given the opportunity to take on a variety of projects, asked my opinion and even tested the zip wire before heading into a marketing session. By allowing me a voice and responsibility I have felt comfortable within the team a lot faster and become fully absorbed in the work itself.

Ensuring your new employees settle in, add value and want to stick around all starts with your on-boarding process... what if you don’t have a zip wire to hand?

An induction should of course be tailored to the type of company and personality of your new millennial hire and there are those necessary bits of paperwork, introductions and explanations of organisational processes. However, there are some basic principles to consider for optimising your millennial employee engagement, commitment and retention. These include:

  • Providing plenty of the right SUPPORT.

Joining a team can be daunting and trying to take in a whole new world of information, people and processes can be exhausting. Individuals will have different needs but taking the time to find out what support they need can contribute massively to their happiness and commitment to work. It might be as simple as assigning a mentor, outside of management, to create connections and give them someone to talk to if they have any concerns.

  • Recognising what a millennial can bring to your team.

It may sound simple but VALUE their viewpoint and individual experience instead of treating them like a number.

Most people, especially millennials, learn from doing and could get bored easily if they feel as if they can’t get stuck in. To avoid this, and for them to truly become engaged in the first few months, provide opportunities for them to take on small projects where they can contribute and add value.

  • Giving your employees a PURPOSE and tell them how they can make a difference!

Millennials are eager to learn and engage and are much more likely to give you everything they’ve got if they know it will contribute to more than just the bottom line.

Reflecting on my first few months here at Brathay it has been increasingly obvious that this crucial for engagement and commitment. Although my office’s location is really cool, a purposeful and driven culture is far more important…the awe-inspiring views are just a fantastic bonus.

Finding an effective way of establishing some of these principles in your induction process will be fundamental to your new team member’s engagement, resilience and longevity.

If you’re wondering how to integrate some of these principles in your organisation’s culture you could always come along to our Purposeful Leadership and Networking Event at the end of February.