HR is critical to business success

HR is critical in addressing the challenges businesses face today

I recently surveyed our clients about the value we add. I spoke to a wide range of executive contacts from a variety of sectors. What struck me was the common theme that HR was critical in addressing the challenges of business today.

The environment - Today organisations deal with a multitude of customer queries each day, whilst managing complex and dynamic value chains that involve a myriad of organisations, and have to achieve this with a varied workforce often based at remote locations.  The risk of conflict, misunderstanding, misalignment, lack of cooperation, and varied performance is high. At the same time they need to constantly improve their proposition and deliver change so as to stay ahead of competition. Success is dependent upon orchestrating a complex set of capabilities in unison and aligned with an overall corporate vision. 

What’s needed - The capability gap between the best and worst performing organisations is significant; as is seen in market results. Our clients identified that more successful organisations have specific attributes.

These attributes would normally be led and co-ordinated by HR. Businesses that do not incorporate these considerations into their strategy will struggle to deliver and maintain the level of business change and improvement needed to succeed. 

HR therefore needs to be a key element of business strategy and is critical to business success.  

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