Is Technology Really the Answer?

As technology proliferates in the business world, enabling teams to communicate and operate remotely, Gary, our Head of Business Development, considers whether it really is the answer for teams to work more efficiently.

Business is complex these days. Whether you are a multi-national or a niche provider, you are often dependent upon complex supply chains or sales channels, to enable your success. Remote, diverse teams need to work effectively together to deliver results, even when things are going wrong.

Technology enables these teams to keep in constant contact and share information.

But is iT really the answer?

It is worth noting that even technology leaders recognise that personal interaction is important. Mark Zuckerberg adamantly stated that "nothing replaces face to face interaction" and that the social media platform, Facebook, was always intended to primarily enable greater connection with a wider network of people than is possible with just one to one contact.

Effective teams are built upon trust and understanding. My own experience is that the best teams use technology to enable them, but equally invest in social capital to form an effective foundation and rapport. Relationships of trust and respect are built via face to face contact that then ensures remote communication is effective. It enables us to overcome cultural and personal differences and understand one another. I made many great friends via working with colleagues from around the world.

At Brathay we have carried out numerous team building sessions to bring together new or dysfunctional teams. The issue is often one of understanding one another. Exploring personal preferences within a safe environment enables people to come together and get behind a common objective with understanding of each others language and strengths. We have often seen that “light bulb” moment when individuals realise why they are not working well together.

What techniques have you used to enable diverse teams? Contact us to discuss your experiences and explore how we can assist with your team's development.