Leaders model the way

Earlier this year we ran a forum at Brathay on Resilient Leadership – a topic increasingly highlighted as important in leadership development. It was an opportunity to learn and share good practice.

Earlier this year we ran a forum for existing and new clients on Resilient Leadership. It drew upon personal experiences of leaders within a range of industries, all facing different challenges, as well as some current thinking on resilience.

It was an opportunity to network and to reflect upon this increasingly important area of development for organisations. As we integrate more ideas and thinking into our leadership development programmes it is interesting to note the potential impact that leaders who display resilient behaviours can have upon their on their organisation.

‘We believe key leadership personnel, often frontline leadership, appear to have the ability to “tip” the organization in the direction of resilience and to serve as a catalyst to increase group cohesion and dedication to the “mission.”

Read what the Harvard Business Review have to say about Resilient Leadership here 

We will be holding our next business leader forum on Friday, 26th February 2016 - Click here for further details