Learner to Leader

How the right skills stay with you for life and help fast-track your career.

From an early age, we absorb information that we use throughout our lives.

A simple bit of maths helps you understand what your pocket money can buy, and later if that shiny sports car you’ve coveted still leaves you enough to pay the mortgage.

The touch screen skills small children develop early sees them regularly running rings around older generations in terms of their natural aptitude for technology. You might still be trying to figure out how to use the new microwave – they’ve just invented the next Snapchat.

Obviously, it’s not just the young who learn. It’s an ongoing process, through school, college, university, apprenticeships, first job to CEO. The skills you pick up along the way help to shape your future, and how successful your career is.

We’re fortunate to have played a part in some of these success stories, and delighted to see that learning come full circle.

Diane Millward , Reclaim Fund’s Head of Operations & Finance, was part of Manchester Business School’s Global Executive MBA in 2014. The skills she developed in effective team work “helped me to secure my current role and I have drawn on my Brathay learnings to develop strong, interdependent roles for my team members. It means we are a high-performing team confident that we are delivering exceptional results for the business.”

Our programmes are embedded in and support the Alliance Manchester Business School ethos of Original Thinking Applied. Many participants go on to take up leadership positions, often referencing their Brathay learning and experience. A number of them choose to work with Brathay to develop their leadership teams or improve employee engagement.

A recent example of this is a city-based global supply chain finance firm – the founders of which met 18 years ago, on their initial MBA residential, and brought their international leadership team of 30 senior managers and directors back to Brathay in 2018.

It’s a great feeling to know that skills you’ve helped develop have helped learners achieve success as leaders. The warm fuzzy glow level is off the scale when those learners bring their teams to you because they understand how important that learning process is – and the value you add.

Life is a journey – make sure your stops on the way help you make the rest of it even more successful.