Optimising value from use of the apprenticeship levy

Levy – funded programmes need to provide employers with teams of capable, engaged and motivated individuals who deliver extra value to the organisation.

For this outcome to be a reality, organisations need to commit significant time and resources to provide, support and manage cohorts of apprentices over long periods of time. Only with this focus will the Apprentice Levy deliver an effective return on this investment.

Brathay have been delivering leadership and management, graduate and apprentice programmes for many years. This experience informs us that there are critical characteristics in developing successful programmes.

  • Candidate selection and preparation – It is critical that candidates have the right baseline of technical and personal capabilities to enable learning outcomes. Careful selection and preparation of candidates will provide the right foundation for success.
  • Blended learning - Research shows that a blended learning approach increases student engagement. The US Department for Digital Education noted 73% of educators saw increased engagement via a blended learning approach. It also provides a more cost-effective approach with increased corporate intimacy.
  • Experiential residentials – Our experience over many years has identified that experiential residentials can enable behavioural changes in days that would take months to achieve via other approaches. Our partners have indicated the significant value this dedicated time provides, and its impact on individuals.
  • Business project – Our work with apprentices has identified that the use of a relevant and well planned business project enables the apprentice to consolidate their learning in a real life environment, build confidence and contact networks, and be seen to deliver real value to the organisation whilst learning. 
  • Support – Personal development takes time and during this programme it is critical that learners are given effective support to ensure a successful outcome. We see this support as two-fold, and carried out by an experienced line manager AND an experienced coach.
    • Effective line management – to ensure that work is completed on time and in line with expectation, and to build an understanding of how work needs to be managed.
    • Effective mentoring – to ensure that effective coaching and support is provided to support individuals as they work through their programme. This can ensure everyone understand the relevance to the organisation and provides the right context for activities.

Building a successful programme that considers these critical building blocks will optimise outcomes and provide the best return on investment for both the employer and the individual. We have found that apprentices that experience all these elements deliver significant value to their organisations and develop to become successful leaders. 

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