Proving our worth

How do we prove that we're worth investing your time and money in?

How we respond to organisational need is central to our success.

As a purpose driven organisation we can’t help but think about how we make a difference. It is part of our DNA to reflect, critique and adapt.

We address your specific business challenges and, like you, realise that a return on investment is key to our continuing partnership.

Development Training and its emerging philosophies were born here at Brathay more than 70 years ago. We are more than an outdoor centre and we want to demonstrate our capabilities.

We want to prove that we are worth the investment in your time and money.

A fresh approach was required, something anchored in science with a robust methodology. We wanted data that measured the value of the experience we provide.

It had to be an analytical approach that would track the impact of the experience over time. And the results would be based on fact as well as narrative.

We are on a journey to continually improve, focusing on what’s important to you, your organisation and to improve our quality offer.

A snapshot of our results so far:

  • It’s not just about teamwork, it’s about how you handle inter-personal relationships and respond to feedback that builds credibility and personal brand.
  • Understanding motivation and resilience are key components in successful career progression.
  • Awareness of others' strengths and contribution and how to utilise these, significantly raises performance and results.

As we build and enhance our offer, you can be involved in our journey.

If the prospect of this aligns with your organisational need, get in touch. We’d like to hear from you.

Find out more about how we're always striving to improve our offer to you and measuring success