Simple ways to manage burnout

We are all human, and learning to manage our energy and balance our ever-increasing workload is a challenge. Here we give you a glimpse in to how we manage our well-being at Brathay.

Burnout can affect all of us in very different ways and often the signs can be hard to spot. We've shared some of the ways we manage our well-being at Brathay, simple ways you can look after your mental and physical health and manage stress at work.

  • Leave your desk at lunch-time.

I read a quote recently that suggested we are ‘plants with complex emotions’! Plants need light, and water to flourish. So at lunch-time I leave my desk, go soak up the light, find a local green space and walk, alone or with company. It's all too easy to eat at your desk and push on with your list of jobs but taking even a short lunch break away from your desk is so important.

  • Half and half your coffee.

One of our consultants loves his coffee, yet figured his caffeine intake wasn’t great. So half decaf - half full caffeine. Still tastes great and means you don’t get the dreaded 3pm slump.

  • Exercise – outside.

Especially when the weather is wild. The feeling of completing exercise and coming back inside is the best. Whether it be a jog, a cold dip, a yoga class or just a stroll. At Brathay we are lucky enough to have wonderful scenery on our it's easy.

  • Switch your brain off.

Find a quiet spot. Shut your eyes, and let your thoughts disappear in the imaginary wind. Practice noticing your body, your posture. Attempt to find that inner calm place. Even if it’s only for a couple of minutes. This helps my mood and focus in the afternoon.

  • The promise of good food.

Consider what you eat and when. Is it the chance to cook wholesome food full of nutritious ingredients that motivates you through the day? I love regular tasty treats to manage my blood sugar levels.

How do you and your team manage your energy & cope with stress?