The world needs great leaders more than ever

So what distinguishes successful companies today?

Business is tough - We live in an environment where continuous change is endemic, as new threats, opportunities, and competition are around every corner. New market entrants are able to quickly deploy completely new business models, and customers expect ever improving levels of service. At the same time, staffing models are changing with more flexible and variable approaches, greater career expectations from “millennials”, and increasing challenges to identify, recruit and retain top talent. Alignment of disparate teams around a common set of values is a major challenge to delivering quality and cost effective service.

But some are successful - The most successful organisations are trying to continuously change and improve in all areas, sensing the market environment and proactively taking decisions as circumstances demand. They work effectively across organisational silos and complex supply chains, to re-invent what they do on a continuous basis.

Critical to achieving this dynamic environment, are leaders who work at all levels of the organisation to inspire teams and drive success. These leaders understand complex situations via effective communication with diverse teams, and are able to influence and inspire a wide variety of people with very different outlooks.

Most successful organisations have such leaders spread across their organisation at various levels that provide direction, and have the credibility to bring a majority of the organisation with them. Research shows that many change programmes falter due to organisation resistance to change and a lack of such leaders. Talking to successful leaders, they identify that enhancing their functional skills with leadership skills was critical to their success. They identify critical leadership capabilities as,

  • Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Resilience to challenges
  • Confidence to take risks and try new ideas
  • Understanding and influencing different groups of people
  • Listening and communicating effectively
  • Engaging and inspiring staff
  • Effective coaching

It’s time to act - Surely now is a critical time to invest in developing the skills needed to compete in the modern world?

Brathay Trust has worked with a large number of corporate clients to deploy bespoke programmes that enhance leadership skills and deliver improved business performance. The programmes can focus on specific areas such as executive leadership and developing the next set of leaders, or be more-wide ranging and address employee engagement and organisational support for corporate values.

Why not arrange for us to host your next team meeting at our fantastic venue and sample how we can deliver real behavioural change during your stay . Contact us now on 01539 439700 or email us to discuss your requirements.