Feeling under pressure? You are not alone

What you don’t need right now is a ‘Product’, or a ‘Solution’. What you need is some help – someone who understands the enormous pressures you and your organisation are under. We do.

Fancy a game of Buzzwords Bingo?

We’ll start: ‘Unprecedented.’ ‘Virtual.’ The ‘New Normal’. ‘In the current climate…’

Sound all-too familiar? You’ve probably got a spam folder heaving with organisations peppering their emails with these (and myriad other) phrases as they tout for your business.

What you probably don’t need right now is a ‘Product’, or a ‘Solution’. What you need is some help – someone who understands the enormous pressures you and your organisation are under. How hard it is to be a leader right now; The difficulties of getting your team to work together when they may be far apart; How you can help your staff cope during turbulent times and support their resilience and wellbeing.

That’s what we do, and it isn’t a recent thing either. Of course, we are constantly adapting our programmes to reflect your current needs, but we’ve always done that too. This isn’t a brand new, just developed and untried thing that we’re using you as a Guinea-pig for. We’re simply fine-tuning what we always do to make sure it matches what you need. Right now.

If you’re looking for experience and expertise, then we have that in abundance (you can find out more about our team here).

If you want an inspirational space to bring your team together safely, then Brathay Hall delivers, big time. On the edge of Ambleside in Cumbria, the stunning beauty of the Lake District is on our doorstep. Literally – from the front door you look out across Windermere, with the hills and fells all around.

We’ve made sure that we completely cover your Covid-19 safety concerns too. You and your team can join us in Ambleside and take advantage of our fantastic facilities and beautiful surroundings, and take part in a range of outdoor activities that support your learning, safe in the knowledge that we are taking every precaution and are keeping up to date on the latest guidance.

Of course, the time might not yet be right for you to be comfortable with joining us in person, or you might feel that a more blended approach, using a mix of in-person and live, interactive, online sessions would be better. No problem; whatever works best for you and your team. If you prefer, we can deliver your entire programme this way – and that means so much more than just ‘talking heads’ too.

We are already doing this with a range of clients, including those delivering the crucial services that are helping us all get through the coronavirus crisis, such as emergency services personnel, key workers from utilities companies, and council staff – supporting the people that are keeping us all going. Corporate clients include global construction company Balfour Beatty, and a national electrification and automation organisation.

They trust us to help them with wellbeing – their own, and that of their teams and organisations. To understand and navigate the challenges they face. To improve and deliver even better results for themselves and the people they ultimately serve. You can too. Need some help? You’re not alone. Get in touch.