The Importance of Vision & Strategy

Our work with many organisations helps us identify the key business needs for today. Time and again we are seeing a number of common themes one of which is the need for a clear Vision and Strategy.

All productive organisations have a workforce that buys into their vision and delivers above and beyond the call of duty – how do I make that happen sustainably?

Having a clear Vison and Strategy allows your workforce to engage and see purpose and direction in their day to day tasks. This cultivates personal satisfaction and individual contribution which can be the pathway to increased productivity.

Employees who don’t find their company’s vision meaningful at all have average engagement scores of only 16 percent. These are employees who do not care about the future success of the organization. They work primarily for a pay check and are willing to do very little beyond what is absolutely required to keep their jobs.

Communicating this Vison and Strategy to employees and getting buy-in can be all together more difficult. When financial performance and business strategy fail it is often due to intangible factors.

Pause for thought…

Is your Vison and Strategy regularly communicated? Not just financials, but good news stories landing on the doorstep every morning.

Are your Leaders and Managers actively involved in and interacting with employees enabling the organisations Vison and Strategy to become reality?

Do the values and beliefs required to meet the Vision and Strategy play out in actions and behaviours in every part of the organisation? This comes down to every communication and interaction between employees, managers and leaders.

What is your experience ? We’d love to hear your views?