Challenge Events

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

Viktor E Frankl


Many people boldly say “I like a challenge”, without really understanding what form it will take – the resulting disappointment at failing can lead to reluctance to step forward in the future. What if the challenge was perfectly articulated, positively enjoyable, achievable but… suitably challenging?

Welcome to our Challenge Events – the perfect tool to support increased teamwork and employee engagement. These events typically involve teams of people coming together to stretch themselves, collaborate and compete.

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That competition could come from trying to beat other teams, battling a time-limit, or pushing to the maximum to achieve something remarkable together.

The challenge experience can support improved business performance in a number of ways such as:

  • Enabling the development of a cross functional team who come together to deliver a particular project effectively
  • Enabling increased awareness of capabilities and challenges across the organisation that supports improved overall performance
  • Enabling the formation of a team around a specific vision and understanding how to achieve together
  • Enabling out-reach into the community to aid both engagement and CSR initiatives

As the workforce demographics change the use of innovative development techniques, such as this, engages employees more effectively. Why talk about how you could work better together, when you can actually put it into practice!

So what is a challenge event?

There are many different kinds of event with varying aims and objectives. We’ve delivered a wide range of activities over the years ranging from events that support young talent development and community out-reach to executive teaming events. We’re always up for something new too. Got an idea? We can help you turn that into a unique challenge, designed specially for you, your organisation and the challenges you’re facing.

Some examples of our challenge events include:

Apprentice Challenge

Teams take on a series of exciting and interactive work-related challenges to develop new skills and showcase their employer by engaging with young people and businesses to promote the benefits of apprenticeships. The challenges are designed to ensure that the teams demonstrate their team building, leadership, logistical and communications abilities.

Find out more about the Brathay Apprentice Challenge here

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Three Lakes Challenge

This fantastic team challenge event involves paddling and rowing the full length of Ullswater, Coniston Water and Windermere in under 12 hours. It can be held as a single team challenge or with two teams of 12 taking part together. Three different boats, three lakes, one amazing event.

Find out more about the Three Lakes Challenge here


If ‘just’ rowing some boats isn’t enough for you, then how about taking on rowing the full length of Windermere (twice!), with team members running up (and down!) the three fells that overlook the lake. It can be held as a single team challenge or as a competitive event for up to 8 teams. With 20 miles of rowing, 15 miles of running – with an ascent of 3,381 feet – this isn’t for the feint-hearted!

Find out more about RowRunner here

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Why go on a Brathay expedition?

All our expeditions involve challenge, learning and awesome memories. They are based around our fundamental goals of increasing awareness – of self, others and the environment, exploring choices and taking action. You can expect to:

  • Develop personal skills (team-working, leadership, resilience, communication) in a safe, supportive but challenging environment
  • Spend quality time with colleagues to improve relationships and discuss specific areas of interest
  • Have your expedition expertly facilitated to address particular personal and leadership development needs
  • Visit some inspiring places and learn some new practical skills
  • Optionally use the expedition to support a CSR initiative

We can arrange expeditions in inspiring locations across the UK and further afield, such as our Great Glen Voyageur which takes you across Scotland from sea to sea in our unique 12 person canoes. The expedition length can vary to meet your specific needs.

If you would like to find out more about using challenge to deliver change, get in touch with us!

What an amazing achievement. I am so very proud of the full team. We have watched them be stretched and grow throughout the Challenge.

Phil Wilson, Site Director at GSK Ulverston

Six businesses recently raised over £15,000 for disadvantaged youngsters by completing the RowRunner challenge. Bluefin, Centrica, BAE Systems Submarines, Associated British Ports, Lombard and Premier Wealth Management enjoyed a fiercely fought competition, which saw them challenged not just physically, but with their fundraising and planning skills tested too.

Want to enjoy an incredible challenge in stunning surroundings and learn how to work effectively as a team? A Brathay challenge event could be just what you need.