Covid-19 Crisis Response: How Brathay Can Help

Failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts

Winston Churchill

How Brathay can help right now

Grit, patience, and firm resolve are needed during this time of anxiety, confusion and exhaustion for many. This places huge demands on organisations, leaders and their teams.

In this fast changing world, with overstretched leaders and managers working in new ways - perhaps supporting frightened, anxious colleagues - it’s more important than ever for organisations to get the best out of their people and teams.

We have been listening to our clients, spread over many sectors of UK business, and we have created a new virtual offering to support leaders and teams to stay resourceful and resilient during the current crisis. These can be deployed rapidly and retain the essence of Brathay’s unique approach – inspiring experiential events, expertly facilitated, of immediate practical value.

Covid-19 Response: How Brathay can help

“I’m in completely new territory as a manager – am I doing it right?”

“My workload has tripled, and I’m becoming exhausted”

“There are so many uncertainties right now, I’m finding it hard to focus my team”

1) Workshops - Immediate support for teams and organisations

90-minute workshops run with up 20 participants from the same organisation, and have a balance of new and thought-provoking ideas, reflection, and application to real-life circumstances.

Adaptive leadership – skills for innovating in the face of multiple challenges

Sustaining energy and well-being – in ourselves and in others

Team performance in a virtual world – helping leaders access the insights of all and improve collaboration across teams

Key skills of leadership in a virtual world – 4 key skills of empowerment to combine clarity, freedom, support and accountability

One of the important benefits of this approach is speed – we can deliver a workshop in under two weeks from the first conversation with a client. Workshops can stand alone or be combined into a wider programme.

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2) Learning Labs - Support for individual leaders

We are collaborating with our colleagues at Management Futures Consultancy to bring you a programme of calendared Learning Lab events which can be accessed easily by individuals.

These are a mix of sharing experience, new thought and practical, immediate takeaways – on topics such as harnessing collaboration between teams, removing the blocks to performance in virtual teams and immediate actions to improve the performance in a work group.

The format is a 90-minute interactive video conference and topics will include:

  • Inclusive Leadership in the New Normal - Wednesday 17th June 2020 14:00 (BST)

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Brathay Online Learning Labs

3) Bespoke structured programmes

Brathay People and Organisation Development “traditional” work, now delivered in a virtual setting for leadership and functional teams.

Brathay’s reputation has been built on bespoke work and longstanding client relationships, some going back over 30 years. This work continues in the virtual world, with clients such as Balfour Beatty, Alliance Manchester Business School and

Although our residential sites are closed, our team of experienced consultants are available to discuss and design interactive programmes to suit your needs now.

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