Employee Engagement

It's not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

How joined up is your approach to engagement?

We believe in the power of transformation.  With well over half a century working with organisations and individuals from all walks of life, we know people can be surprised by the strength of their own resilience and capability in times of change.

In our experience, real bottom-line results are achieved in those organisations that take the time to listen and engage their people in business change.

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Bringing about organisational success and engagement

Our tried and tested structure for successful organisational change has four elements:

  • Employee alignment to the business direction
  • Emotional engagement with the company values
  • Leadership and organisational capability, and
  • Key projects to support and embed change

As trusted partners, we work with organisations on successful long-term change and engagement programmes as well as quick response solutions.

We invest time in truly understanding your business and keeping abreast of your continually evolving needs and challenges.

Alignment to the Business Direction

Our team are experts at facilitating business planning workshops to establish your senior team's key priorities and long-term goals.

Using our structured approach we then create powerful messages to communicate strategy and immediate plans.   Generating a clear vision fosters understanding, focus and strong buy-in, and a shared sense of purpose throughout your organisation.

Engaging with Company Values

Our team can work with you to actively engage your people in defining how your company values truly reflect the organisation and its aspirations.   We can support you in making those values breathe; giving them real life relevance and outlining the behaviors that reflect them.

Living and celebrating employee generated values throughout the organisation results in lasting change and greater engagement.   We can help you link these behaviors into 360 degree feedback tools and develop change agents who can bring about sustainable change in their workplace.

Creating Leadership and Organisational Capability

Our work with key leaders in your organisation will help them develop their own personal style and impact making them more effective both as individuals and as a team.  Embedding your organisational strategy and values supports your senior team in leading change from the front, giving a powerful and unified message.

Cascading that approach to first line managers, high potential employees and your emerging talent enables the creation of a network of engaged and energised change agents.

Key Business Projects to Support Change

Our approach is unique as we work with you to define projects that support your strategy and deliver tangible results in areas including growth, efficiency, business improvement and engagement.

In addition to the direct business benefits that the projects delivery, they also act as a visible sign that positive change is possible and serves to create momentum.

Our employee engagement programmes are part of our broader expertise in employee development, from apprentice to leadership development. To keep up to date with the latest analysis and comment in these areas from Brathay, why not subscribe to our “Space to think” newsletter. Or get in touch if you would like to know how we could work with you to support your organisation’s growing needs.

For a copy of our brochure "Engaging in Change" click here.

It was an amazing programme.   It was great fun and I enjoyed the challenges that encouraged me to push myself.  It was a really supportive setting and I feel I have returned to work more positive and confident.

Just when I thoughts I couldn't experience any more, this came along.  Absolutely excellent!

Course Delegates,  Frank Roberts & Sons