First Line Manager

Transitioning from operations to leadership

Do you have existing talent in your organisation that has been promoted into team management or leadership roles?

Promotion to leadership roles is often awarded on the basis of knowledge and skills of the technical aspects of the role, with less consideration given to the skills required for leading others. Our First Line Leader programmes are geared towards those transitioning from operations to leadership, and are also highly relevant for those with some prior leadership experience. The programmes impart the knowledge, skills and confidence required for leading teams within your business.  

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Our programmes are designed in partnership with our clients with the needs of the business as a starting point, and they are highly responsive to the learning requirements of the participants as the course evolves. The programmes typically cover the following themes:

Awareness of Self and Others

We all approach our work in different ways. We have preferences for how things are done and how we are given information. We all provide a particular contribution to the team effort. Understanding our preferences, and crucially understanding that others prefer to do things differently – and still effectively – is a fundamental of leadership.

Leadership Styles

There is a broad spectrum of leadership styles. As leaders we can be flexible in our leadership approach based on a range of factors that vary day to day and situation to situation. Our programmes provide a framework for choosing the right style for the right time.

Getting the best out of your people

Employees are usually happier and more motivated in the workplace if they feel challenged and if they have responsibility. First-Line Leader Programmes develop a coaching skill–set that leaders use to confer the correct levels of challenge and responsibility to their team members. This links in closely with delegation – something that inexperienced leaders are reluctant to do for a range of reasons including the belief that it will be quicker to do the job themselves!

Challenging Conversations

One of the aspects of leadership that even experienced leaders find challenging, is having conversations with their team members about under-performance, unacceptable behaviour, or conflict with other members of the team. The First-Line Leader Programme builds the confidence required for these conversations by developing a range of approaches to different issues.

I feel I'm already better equipped to fulfill and develop my role.  In just two days I learnt so many new techniques and skills, along with recognising those I already had.   I returned from the course feeling inspired, motivated and more confident in my own abilities.

Practice Manager, XLVets

Course delivery

We utilise a broad range of approaches to deliver the course materials.

  • Experiential learning Lots of practical team work and leadership experience with reflection and feedback on leadership approaches
  • Theory workshops Theories of leadership, team performance, communication, and self-awareness are utilised to strengthen understanding of self, others and the leadership process.
  • Coaching demonstrations and practice Observe one of our experienced coaches delivering a coaching session, as well as coaching fellow participants on real workplace issues
  • Application of learning Apply the learning between the modules and reflect on how it went on the next session.

Many of our management programmes can be aligned with qualifications from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) to give individuals the opportunity to complete qualifications that are highly relevant and of real value to both the individual and the organisation.  Brathay is an ILM accredited centre.   For more information about our ILM accredited programmes email

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