Team Development

If everyone is moving forward together ...

...then success takes care of itself.

Henry Ford

Team building programmes to inspire your people

The ability of individuals to work together effectively towards shared goals is fundamental to the success of your organisation. Our experience tells us that employee engagement and team development are the foundations to ensuring that success.

Our team can work with you to develop high impact team development programmes for all levels of teams within your organisation. We support leaders to develop teams, set clear direction and pre-empt future difficulties within the specific context of your business environment.

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Our high performance approach to team development contributes to overall organisational development and growth by;

  • enabling individuals, enhancing their contribution to team and organisational goals
  • building capacity of teams
  • encouraging creative thinking and reflection
  • developing self- awareness and a deeper understanding of each other
  • building relationships and trust which accelerates team performance
  • aligning leadership teams around strategy and priorities
  • developing a climate that encourages expansive thinking and challenging of assumptions

Brathay team development programmes are invaluable in bringing teams together, developing awareness and creating a deeper understanding of each other.

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Why use Brathay for Team Development?

Our expertise has grown and developed over seventy years. We combine tried and tested models of team development with leading edge, evidence based research to make our programmes among the most trusted, reliable and forward thinking available. Programmes are designed specifically to meet your business’ needs using a variety of active and thought provoking exercises, reflective practice, peer feedback, coaching and problem solving tasks.

Our stunning Lakeside venue provides the perfect environment for your teams to explore and develop a deeper understanding of how to enhance their performance, creating greater contribution to overall success. Alternatively, we can bring our expertise to you in a mobile programme, built in the same way around your business’ needs.

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Our team development programmes are part of our broader expertise in organisational development, from apprentice to leadership development. To keep up to date with the latest analysis and comment in these areas from Brathay, why not subscribe to our “Space to think” newsletter. Or get in touch if you would like to know how we could work with you to support your organisation’s growing needs.

For a copy of our High Performing Teams brochure click here.