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Using high performance teams to bring about organisational change

If you are about to embark on a period of organisational change you will have identified how critical it is to the success of that change that your employees are engaged and that momentum to drive your business is maintained. Through our experience of working across many industry sectors with organisations facing change we recognise that the best way to succeed is through inspiring and engaging with your teams.

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Working in partnership with your top team we can establish a cohesive leadership approach that reflects the personality of your organisation; support the development of a business plan; define and articulate a clear communication strategy; identify authentic company values and the behaviours that underpin them. Continuing the momentum through all levels of your organisation we can help with creating alignment and guiding teams to generate understanding and commitment that help in driving your employees and business forward. Our approach to change works by genuinely engaging people throughout to give them true insight and responsibility for success.

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For a copy of our brochure "Using High Performance Teams to bring about Organisational Change" click here.

Brathay were our people development partner and the catalyst, who allowed us to successfully engage and develop 130 business leaders to bring to life ‘Accelerate’; our business improvement and employee engagement programme. The programme lasted 3 years and made a lasting impact on business performance and our organisational climate. Without the skillful interventions and the unique experience Brathay brought we would not have achieved the business wide success that we did.

Alan Paterson, Operations Director, Bibby Distribution