Transforming Safety Culture

To be safe, or not to be safe, that is the question

What is Beehive?

Beehive Coaching and Leadership Development Ltd is a consultancy specialising in behaviour change. To find out more about us go to

What is b.SAFE?

b.SAFE is Beehive’s safety culture brand. For nearly a decade Beehive has been applying its behaviour change approaches to the area of behavioural safety and safety culture, with significant results. We believe that if people and organisations are to take health and safety seriously and to see it as relevant, interesting and engaging then:

  • Safety education has to be relevant, interesting and engaging too
  • The entire organisation has to be involved
  • Safety leadership rather than management is key

These principles are reflected in the new international safety standard ISO 45001. It’s the b.SAFE mission to provide a new approach to safety culture and education.

What is 'b.SAFE@Brathay'

b.SAFE@Brathay is a partnership between Beehive and Brathay which has its origins in the strong historical links, shared values and development approaches of both organisations. The collaboration combines Beehive’s experience and expertise in the field of safety culture with Brathay’s unique learning environment and over seventy years at the forefront of people and organisational development. The partnership:

  • Extends the services Brathay can offer to its clients
  • Increases Beehive's capacity to deliver large scale behavioural and safety culture programmes for clients in high reliability and safety critical sectors.

Our aim is to help organisations in highly regulated sectors transform their safety culture. To find out more about the partnership and our free safety culture seminars go to

Attending Beehive’s safety culture seminar in the Lake District gave me the chance to reflect on where we were as an organisation on the Bradley curve. With an immature system only just beginning to embed I recognised we had work to do and the D2i program presented an opportunity to turbo charge that change. 12 months later as the program is coming to an end, it’s evident throughout our teams that we have made significant leaps forward towards interdependence. Line Managers are making ‘safe decisions’, taking personal accountability for safety and empowering others to do the same. We are continuing to build a strong safety culture.

Ross White, Assurance Director, Loram UK Ltd

What is trust-based safety culture?

In 2013 Beehive formed a partnership with Bangor University’s Psychology Department and undertook research into the interpersonal factors that most contribute to Interdependent safety Culture. Interdependent is the safety culture associated with the lowest levels of injury, accident and defect (ref: Bradley Curve Safety Culture Model). Our findings were that trust is the most important interpersonal factor.

Trust, however, is an attitude, not a behaviour. To build trust, people (and teams, leaders, organisations) must be, and be seen to be, trustworthy. Beehive and Bangor have identified five specific elements and areas of individual and organisational behaviour that, when present, demonstrate trustworthiness and help to create trust. These elements form the basis of Beehive’s trust-based safety culture approach and suite of b.SAFE D2i* products and services:

  • The b.SAFE D2iT™ – Beehive’s unique Trust-based Safety Culture Model
  • The b.SAFE D2iP™ Safety Leadership Programme, a 12-month programme designed to move individuals and safety culture from Dependent to Interdependent on the Bradley Curve.
  • The D2iQ™ Personality metric

Beehive now has a development license with Bangor University to develop the D2iT further. For more information on b.SAFE D2i and other products and services please go to

b.SAFE@Brathay and the nuclear sector

Beehive has been an employee-approved provider for the National Skills Academy Nuclear (NSAN) for eight years and delivers human performance workshops and Nuclear Triple Bar manufacturing training to industry standards. Many of their programmes have the prestigious NS4P endorsement for high quality training delivered to the nuclear sector for which there is no industry standard. Brathay has been delivering training and development to the nuclear industry on the west coast for 25 yrs. Together the b.SAFE@Brathay partnership can deliver specifically targeted learning and development to the nuclear sector which takes into account the unique nature of the sector.

What can b.SAFE@Brathay Offer?

As well as the suite of D2i™ products, the partnership can offer:

  • Bespoke interactive and engaging health and safety training packages
  • Trainer training and facilitation skills training to extend the capabilities of technical trainers
  • Safety reenactment and drama workshops, safety script writing
  • Human performance and human performance leadership training
  • ‘Coaching for Safety’ programmes including a one-day introductory workshop, two-day team coaching workshop, and Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited Level 3,5 and 7 post-graduate certificates
  • ‘Coaching for Nuclear Safety’ programmes based on the WANO Traits of a Healthy Nuclear Safety Culture, including a one-day introductory workshops and two-day team coaching workshops
  • ‘Coaching for Event Investigation’ workshops
  • Bespoke safety leadership programmes
  • Collaborative problem-solving workshops
  • Behavioural safety programmes
  • Culture change programmes
  • Mental health first aid programmes
  • Well-being and safety workshops Safety video production
To Be Or Not To Be Safe With Caption

Case study - Uniper and reenactment

In 2017, Uniper, already a client of Brathay, attended the b.SAFE@Brathay free ‘Change the Conversation, Change the Culture’ safety culture seminar at Brathay.

As a result of this, Uniper approached Beehive to design and deliver a re-enactment event based on the b.SAFE D2iT Trust-based Safety Culture model for their annual plant manager conference in Dusseldorf in January this year. Beehive wrote the script for the drama, rehearsed the actors, and delivered a high impact, engaging event that was very well received and has led to increased awareness and change in the organisation.

The success of the Dusseldorf conference led to the workshop re-enactment being rolled out further within the organisation, with plans for a senior manager event in Dusseldorf in September, multiple events in France, and for events in the nuclear sector in Sweden in the new year.

Plans to deliver an engagement event to address the challenges of lone working are also in progress. “Drama is a great way of engaging people and raising significant questions, allowing them to empathise with the people on stage and raising the question ‘what would I do?’ in the audience”, says Beehive director Sara Lodge.

Fellow director Mark Sykes adds, “using forum theatre allows the audience to get involved and rehearse new, better behaviours.”