Return On Expectation

"Without Brathay we would not have achieved the business success we did."

Alan Paterson - Operations Director, Bibby Distribution

Return on expectation

Starting with the end in mind

Return on Expectation (ROE) is our approach to creating and demonstrating the value to your organisation of our programmes.

This ensures the design and development of our training aligns with your organisation's strategy and priorities.

For example, if the need is to increase productivity, we seek to understand stakeholder needs and create a measurement tool to demonstrate the impact of this specific outcome.

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"Brathay were our people development partner and the catalyst, who allowed us to successfully engage and develop 130 business leaders to bring to life ‘Accelerate’; our business improvement and employee engagement programme. The programme lasted 3 years and made a lasting impact on business performance and our organisational climate. Without the skilful interventions and the unique experience Brathay brought we would not have achieved the business wide success that we did.”

Alan Paterson - Operations Director, Bibby Distribution

We are proud of what we do, and the feedback we get

In a challenging market environment, we’re chuffed that over 90% of our clients rated our programmes as useful in bringing about change and would recommend us to others.

(Brathay 2016 Net Promoter score.)

However, we’re never satisfied. We want to know what the benefit to your organisation is, how our programmes support meeting internal and external standards and ultimately how the personal change and momentum you experience plays out over time.

90 Clients

The scores are in...

On a recent year-long Leadership and Management Apprenticeship programme, we achieved an increase in all of the learning outcomes measured for our client. Here's a selection:

1 6 34 Green 2 1 32 Blue 3 1 26 Red 4 2 52 Orange
5 7 30 Yellow 6 3 74 Green Blue 7 8 28 Purple 8 4 26 Green
9 7 38 Blue 10 1 30 Red

(Percentages shown are the difference between the start and end of the programme, self-scored by programme participants.)

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