The Levy requires you to ensure that a minimum of 20% of your apprentice’s time is spent carrying out off the job training.

That doesn’t mean that they have to spend all their time in a classroom, though. Be flexible and creative to gain the maximum benefit for both your organisation and your employee.

Find novel ways to use this valuable time, in partnership with your supplier.

There are few better ways of developing the vital skills needed to take your organisation forward than a suitably challenging, but relevant, simulated project.

Your employees get to try out the core skills they’re learning in a safe and supportive environment, instantly seeing the results of their actions and developing and adapting as they go.

It’s likely that some of the 20% will need to be spent gaining the specialised skills relevant to your industry sector. Ensuring that the rest of it (and more, if you can manage it) is used to help them understand how to apply those skills effectively, and play a key role within your organisation, is just as important.


We love working with enlightened organisations. If you understand how investing now will reward your organisation in the future, partner with the best. (That’s us, by the way.)

Sounds good? Get in touch and find out how we can work with you to build a levy-based programme that develops your future leaders.