Sure, you can carry on doing what you’re doing – put an ad in the local paper, get the details onto a jobs website, use an employment agency. If you’re feeling particularly radical, you could even put it on Twitter.

But how about using your Talent to get more Talent? You need to create a virtuous circle – if you’re getting it right with your brightest young employees, then they’ll want to tell their peers about it.

There’s no better advocate for your organisation than someone who already works there, and it doesn’t need to conform to the traditional idea of an ad. Having your current stars saying what a great place it is to work and why, via their chosen platforms, will make you an attractive place to work.

Your next vacancy will see you spoilt for choice, with ideal candidates clamouring to work for you. Then they’ll let the world know too.

Encouraging your existing team to go ‘back to school/college’ on out-reach sessions. The enthusiasm of your young and talented staff signals to the next generation that you’re the place to work.

Get it right, and your appeal will be broadcast far and wide by your rising stars themselves.

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