Let’s be realistic here – if you’ve ever tried to prise a young person away from their phone, it usually ends badly. Unless you’re giving them a better one.

Your emerging talent have embraced technology, and you should too.

Technology is part of their life and they’ll react badly to not being able to use it. Their smart phone is a top notch computer that enables them to take multimedia notes, for example.

The phone is their friend. Let them learn with their friend, and bin your slideshow. Your next presentation needs to be not just engaging and inspiring, but allow them to explore the subject interactively, rather than just having it broadcast at them.

Technology is bringing about a change in learning options and learner expectations. Programmes that make effective use of technology get better results.

Create an environment that attracts young talent. Make sure they know yours is the place to work, and get that message out there… using today’s channels and not the same old boring media you have used in the past.

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