Still putting your young and talented employees into a classroom, and leaving them there for a lengthy death-by-PowerPoint session? Time for a serious re-think.

Sometimes, there will need to be some formal learning involved. Maybe the topic isn’t the problem, it’s how you’re delivering it. Getting the balance right here is key – use an approach that combines it with appropriate experiences, faster and more effectively than traditional methods alone. It might even be fun!

Offer an environment that recognises individual needs and a flexible way of engaging in learning. Be realistic, too – the needs and expectations of this generation are different to those of their predecessors. Adapt and thrive!

Put business projects at the heart or you development programme. Experiencing a hands-on, real-life, business simulation allows your team to immediately understand the consequences of their decisions. With the right level of support you’ll achieve deeper learning, greater satisfaction and engagement, and increased loyalty.

Engaging an external organisation to help you develop your team? Ensure they’re using an inspiring environment that will accelerate learning, and not just exchanging one classroom for another. Through a blend of distinctive and challenging projects, they need to offer a proven return on expectation that stays with people throughout their careers.

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