It’s time to step off the hierarchical ladder.

Engagement has to work both ways, and your Leadership and Management teams need to walk the talk.

The old command and control way of thinking – these are your objectives, this is what you do – won’t cut it here. Modern employees move around jobs, are entrepreneurial, and no longer view you as their ‘job for life’.

Your engagement programmes needs to address all these points and empower your people to deliver. It needs complete support and careful nurturing of an environment that builds belief in people that change will happen and that you are serious.

Whenever you can Coach, don’t Direct.

You may have got a great bunch of managers. But think of this like a game of football. If your players aren’t on-board with your way of thinking, they’ll all be playing their own game. You need a team, not a squad… and your managers need to lose some ego.

Once they listen to what their colleagues are saying they need to produce what they’re being asking for, management need to act on this and (if it’s possible) give it to them.

Back of the net.

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