The Levy provides an excellent opportunity to upskill your existing employees.

Traditionally, the word ‘Apprentice’ conjures up visions of a fresh-faced young employee, starting out in their first job and learning from their experienced colleagues, whilst spending a chunk of their time at college.

It’s easy to assume that’s what the Levy is for, but it isn’t just about your youngest employees. You can use it to get your existing staff – of any age – upskilled, so this is a fantastic chance to develop anyone in your organisation.

Think about your team. Are there individuals who you value, but you know could deliver more for you, given the opportunity and right skills? This is your chance to do just that, and employees who feel valued and engaged through relevant training are more loyal to you too, and willing go the extra mile.

For those already paying for this through the Levy – make sure you grab the chance to develop you employees with both hands.


We love working with enlightened organisations. If you understand how investing now will reward your organisation in the future, partner with the best. (That’s us, by the way.)

Sounds good? Get in touch and find out how we can work with you to build a levy-based programme that develops your future leaders.