Take a look out of the window. It’s a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous) world now, and that isn’t about to change.

You need your emerging talent to be fully committed, self-determined and able. Not just ready, but willing. Aware of the dangers, but adaptable.

Good news, then! This group are inspirational, agile and focused. In return you need to be curious about what inspires them, and how they can leverage their contribution and take effective action. They need your support to adapt and thrive.

Challenging and interesting work are their top priority. Provide this, and you will see new leaders and managers emerge with the zest and courage to reach for career goals and promotion.

This workforce is still vulnerable to change and need programmes that continuously develop relevant skills and experiences that they will value. They’re hungry to acquire knowledge – and fast learners.

Give them the opportunity to explore their potential, to take on new challenges, and to constantly experiment and learn. Accept the occasional failure and understand why it happened – help them take the learning from it rather than shut them down. You’ll be rewarded for you faith.

Build resilience. Thrive not survive.

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