There are a lot of training providers out there, and plenty that can help you spend your Apprentice Levy pot to help your employees get a qualification.

Far less exist who have the skills, experience and flexibility to work with you to build a programme that delivers the right outcomes for you and your business.

Many will be happy that they’ve ‘done’ an Apprentice development programme that has produced staff with a certificate proving that they know their subject. The intelligent organisations get that this isn’t enough, though – that there’s limited benefit in someone having skills if they are unable to apply them in the real world, or articulate their ideas to colleagues.

This is where the right training organisation really adds value, by blending that learning with intelligent, relevant, projects embedding the vital skills that enable the participants to communicate effectively, and develop their interpersonal and leadership capabilities.

It’s not for everyone. It might cost you more. But if you want to really leverage the benefits of the Levy, it’s worth every penny.


We love working with enlightened organisations. If you understand how investing now will reward your organisation in the future, partner with the best. (That’s us, by the way.)

Sounds good? Get in touch and find out how we can work with you to build a levy-based programme that develops your future leaders.