Developing your new and talented employees needs to come with associated benefits for your organisation. Happily, having the right objectives form the start can achieve just that.

Offer interesting work, genuine on-the-job development, and a career path that is both flexible and attractive, and you’re on to a winner.

The traditional routes into employment are changing, and you need programmes that are interconnected, accessible and constructive for both individual and organisation.

Enable individuals to move easily between the traditional apprentice, graduate, and apprenticeship standards as their circumstances change, using the same techniques and terminology.

The workforce continues to diversify – they are increasingly entrepreneurial in nature and want opportunities to develop their own ideas. Offer a flexible environment that recognises individual needs, and demonstrates a strong culture of employee engagement and the opportunity to be heard.

To attract the right candidates, ensure you’re able to explain how you will engage and promote them and how you can give them the opportunities they crave to succeed.

Get this right and it becomes self-fulfilling. Imagine a situation where you’ve attracted the best – and these young people are actively saying to peers what a great place it is to work.

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